I started my photography business because I honestly and truly love to take photos of animals. There’s something pure in their eyes, their soul speaks to you just by looking at you, and I want to capture it through a camera lens. I started my business because I believe everyone should have quality photos and artwork of their furry best friend at a fair and reasonable price.

How does an HWP session work from beginning to end?
First, you can request a session by completing an online consultation form. I will then contact you to confirm our appointment for the photosession. Payment for the session will be due at the end of the session.

Next, I will spend about 1-2 weeks finalizing your photos, editing them, and making them beautiful! I will then contact you to set up our reveal party (yay!) which is usually done at your house. I will share the photos with you and help you decide which are your favorite to invest in to display as art around your house. From there, I can help you place an order. Et voila, it’s as simple as that!

While there are various styles of prints, canvases, and other artwork to choose from, clients usually invest in about $300 – $1,500 in their artwork.

When and where are sessions held?
I like to hold my sessions outdoors, when the golden hour is among us! This means 8am for the sunrise and 4pm right before sunset.

I have a few locations that I recommend, but if you prefer it in your own home, or somewhere else that is meaningful for you, I can always do that as well!

What packages do you have available?

Photo Session Prices_20171103

A 6% sales tax will be added to all packages.
Digital images, prints, and other artwork are not included in session fee.

Let’s book!

Contact me today to set up your consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!